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Selection Policy Statement

It is the intention of the Scottish Schools’ Athletic Association to always select the athlete best suited for the specific discipline/s, for each International. Selection will be made from all the information available to the selectors at that time and consideration of this information will be ongoing until the final date set for declaring the team.

The selection committee will never knowingly omit an athlete from possible selection.

Selectors will, at all times, carefully consider athletes’ suitability to be a team member, justifying to themselves that the athlete will perform to their highest standards and they will be an ambassador for the Scottish Schools’ Athletic Association, their own school, their relatives and most importantly themselves.

Selectors will monitor, where possible, social network sites to ensure that no Scottish Schools’ Athletic Association athlete is entering into discourse, contrary to section 3. Any athlete involved in such communications may be deselected from a team and may jeopardise his/her chances of any future Scottish Schools’ Athletic Association selection.

Athlete selection and subsequently competing as a Scottish Schools’ Internationalist is reliant on the athlete upholding the aforementioned paragraphs. Failure to notify the Association of injury or any reason why performance may be affected may jeopardise future consideration for selection.

Team selections will not be discussed in any way outside the membership of the Association. Conversations with the Committee, in any form, regarding composition, inclusions or omissions will not take place.

Succinctly: selection is not negotiable.

We hope everyone involved understands the need to set out our criteria. Should you wish to contact the Association regarding general team information, (eg. flight times or accommodation arrangements) then this should be done through the Association’s secretary, who will advise or forward any points to the relevant person for clarification.

Scottish Schools’ Athletic Association

November 2010

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